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IDUG Musings

As each year progresses and we move from one IDUG EMEA Tech Conference to the next, I have started jotting down some things which people may find useful

These range from the logistical things (how to get from the airport, what local transport is available) through some touristy thoughts (where to eat, what to see) to considerations of what happens at an IDUG Tech Conference that you might not be aware of

Many of these thoughts are obvious to the long-time attendee, but we sometimes forget that new members of the IDUG family may not have the long memories that some of us have, so it seemed only right to share my thoughts and experiences. After all, although it doesn’t seem that long ago that I attended MY first European IDUG (in Berlin), since then I have attended 42 IDUGs, so hopefully I have learned something to pass on!

These musings are certainly not intended to replace any of the marketing activities undertaken by IDUG themselves, but I am sure you will find something of value here nonetheless. There may also be information here that can help you build that always difficult justification to attend the conference

There will generally be TWO musings in this category. The current years IDUG Tech Conference and the preceding years (so you can see what you missed).

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