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June 11th - 12th 2012
As last year, Phil enjoyed renewing old acquaintances at the Central Canada DB2 Users Group in Toronto. Phils presentations included:

Temporal Data - An Insurance Policies Life
Application Performance - Tuning, Trending and Testing
Switching - What IS Access Path Stability?
It Could Happen To YOU - Scary Disaster Stories, Lessons Learned, NOTHING is Impossible

In addition, the group has its own website here

May 21st - 23rd 2012
Phil was again been invited to speak at the Nordic GSE meeting - which, this year was held in Oslo. Phils session was a double-length presentation on DB2 10 for z/OS. For more details on the event, please visit their website

May 14th - 18th 2012
For the IDUG Technical Conference in Denver, Phil was invited to deliver one technical session (DB2 10 for z/OS Overview). In addition, due to other speakers pulling out, both of the alternates also became part of the grid - Temporal Data in DB2 10 - "When did you want to ask that question?" and Switching - What IS Access Path Stability? For more details on the conference, including registration details, please head to

January 2012
At the end of 2011, Phil was made an offer by IDUG which came under the category of “too good to refuse”, so his involvement with IDUG will be turning in a completely new direction. With immediate effect, Phil will be deputy chair of the IDUG Global Marketing Committee, taking over the role of full chair in May 2012 for 2 years.
The Marketing Committee is responsible for determining how IDUG should be marketing itself and will be assisting each of the three Technical Conference planning committees to market themselves

December 20th 2011
Finishing off the year, Phil joined the DB2 Night Show Eggnog Party - a chance for all the DB2 industry names to get together for some festive fun, tips and successes.

December 12th 2011
Phil made his first appearance on the DB2 Night Show (the z/OS version, of course!), presenting Application Performance – Tuning, Trending and Testing. For more details please click here

December 8th 2011 - 9th 2011
Phil presented at the German DB2 User Guide in Dusseldorf - giving two sessions

November 22nd 2011
It’s hard to believe that 2011 was only the third year of Spains SpDUG meeting, in Madrid. Phil presented a couple of sessions this year and we were amazed that almost 100 people attended. As usual the organisation was superb

November 14th - 18th 2011
IDUG EMEA Tech Conference 2011, took place at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.
As well as being busy with IDUG activities, Phil contributed to a packed agenda with Temporal Data in DB2 10 - "When did you want to ask that question?”, A DB2 Workload Tuning Methodology and DB2 10 for z/OS - In Depth
Phil also be chaired the Application Design special interest group discussion and was part of the DB2 experts panel
A big Thank You to everyone who attended Phils sessions and ranked him one of the Top Ten speakers again. Congratulations also to the other members of the Top Ten, who (in alphabetical order) were Peter Bendel, John Campbell, Florence Dubois, Scott Hayes, Daniel Luksetich, Frank Petersen, Terry Purcel, Bryan Smith and Melanie Stopfer

November 1st - 2nd 2011
The annual GSEUK 2-day meeting took place at Whittlebury Hall. Phil be presented two sessions - Hash Access - The HDAM DB2 Table and A DB2 Workload Tuning Methodology. For more details of the agenda, please visit the GSEUK website

October 23rd - 28th 2011
It doesn’t seem a year has rolled around since we were last talking about IBMs Information on Demand conference, but for the second year running Phil was been invited to speak. This year his topic was Hash Access - The HDAM DB2 Table.

September 14th - 16th 2011
We headed “down under” to IDUGs Technical Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Phil presented three sessions. As well as a full-day class on DB2 9 for z/OS - In Depth, Phil also presented two 60 minute sessions - A Workload Tuning Methodology and Application Performance - Tuning, Trending and Testing.
It was great to meet up with so many old friends again
For more details, visit the IDUG website

June 27th - 28th 2011
The Central Canada DB2 Users Group had their meeting in late June in Toronto, Canada (of course!). We were delighted to see so many people there - over 200 attendees for the two days! Phil was one of their usual lineup of key DB2 presenters, giving two sessions A Workload Tuning Methodology and a full day class on DB2 10 for z/OS - In Depth.  It’s been a few years since Phil presented in Canada and it was great to renew some old friendships and to make some new ones

June 7th - 9th 2011
The GSE Nordic Region Conference 2011 was held in Stockholm and (as always) comprised a wide variety of presentations centred around the z/OS platform. Phil was be there, and presented three DB2 for z/OS sessions. Automating index optimisation is it even possible? and Native XML support in DB2 for z/OS – Chapter Two on June 8th and Application Performance – Tuning, Trending and Testing on June 9th.

May 31st 2011
Whilst at IDUG in Anaheim, I said a “DB2 adieu” to a good friend, mentor and all round DB2 guru - Roger Miller. Roger retired from IBM at the end of May (hence the date for this item of news) and I can do him no greater honour than to repeat some words I wrote to celebrate his retirement:

I looked up ‘mentor’ at and it says “a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher”
That sort of sums up the way I have regarded our relationship over the years. Although we have never actually worked together for the same employer, you have certainly felt more of a mentor to me than anyone else
Thinking back to those early days, when I was just starting out in my DB2 speaking career, the nervousness about speaking paled into insignificance to the palpable fear on noticing you at the back of my audience for the first time. What could I possibly have to say about DB2 that would be of interest to ROGER MILLER? Not only that, but what grave mistakes was I about to make – and in public too
But, of course, my fears were unfounded. One thing I have always been grateful for is your ability to provide constructive criticism and willingness to provide even more information
It’s no exaggeration to say that, over the last 15+ years, your help has been invaluable in my (hopefully) continued growth in both DB2 knowledge as well as presentation abilities. Without your input, it is doubtful whether I would have had the opportunity and confidence to have reached the point where 80-100 people will show up for one of my sessions at IDUG
I still remember the surprise (and the honour) the first time I heard you quote ME in one of YOUR presentations – and I’m pretty certain you had no idea I was in your audience. That was certainly a defining moment for me
We’ll all miss not only your knowledge of all things DB2, but also your unique presentation style – but this is a selfish view
What we should be doing is celebrating your decision to draw a line under your working life while it is not too late to enjoy your retirement and do those things that YOU want to do
Go – Have Fun – Leave the stress behind

May 2nd - 6th 2011
IDUG NA Tech Conference 2011, took place in Anaheim, California. Phil presented a one day class entitled DB2 10 for z/OS - In Depth on Monday May 2nd, as well as a double session on Thursday May 5th DB2 for z/OS Performance - An A to Z. As always, a great time was had by all, and it was good to meet up with old friends as well as some new faces

April 20th 2011
The speaker acceptance eMails have started to arrive for the IDUG Tech Conference in Prague (November 14th - 18th)

This year Phil will be presenting the following sessions (dates and times are subject to change):

  • Temporal Data in DB2 10 - "When did you want to ask that question?"
    We're used to asking questions and we know how to code them in SQL - but how do you ask a question about a specific point in time. Temporal data support allows the user/programmer to concentrate on WHAT the questions are whilst DB2 manages the underlying data to provide the answers
    Want to know your bank balance? That's easy - but what about your bank balance 56 days ago - not quite so simple is it?
    This presentation will take a brief look at the concepts of temporal data before looking in a little detail about how DB2 manages this SQL time machine

    (1 hour on Monday November 14th at 08:30)
  • A DB2 Workload Tuning Methodology
    Instead of tuning your SQL one statement at a time, why not look to the advantages of tuning an entire workload of SQL instead? Workload SQL tuning can not only provide faster returns on the investment in tuning time and effort but will usually provide bigger savings of cpu and other resources. Workload tuning can also avoid the unfortunate “Silly Putty” situation where improving the performance of one SQL statement can have unexpected detrimental effects elsewhere!
    Apart from tactical emergency corrections to individual SQL statements, workload SQL tuning should be the preferred mechanism to ensure that application SQL and the underlying database design work together in the most efficient way possible This presentation walks through a typical workload tuning methodology
    (1 hour on Thursday November 17th at 16:00)

Phil will also be chairing the Application Design special interest group discussion and appearing on the DB2 panel

April 1st 2011
The IBM DB2 for z/OS Utilities and utility management tools are the most comprehensive on the market today.  By providing solutions to today’s most complex business problems across many functional areas, they deliver the highest ROI for software tools investment.

DB2 for z/OS itself has a history of providing efficiency, resiliency, and growth for critical business applications.  The IBM DB2 Utilities and utility management tools not only provide immediate support for new releases of DB2 for z/OS, but allow you to accelerate the return on the investment of migration and use of new features and releases

To read more of this report, please follow this link to the IBM DB2 Utilities Suite for z/OS page, and click on Analyst Report by Phil Grainger on the right had sidebar

February 22nd 2011
IBM have yet again recognised Phil Grainger as an Information Champion making this the third consecutive year we have been pleased to accept this honour. As a way of showing their appreciation for the time and energy community members expend, IBM award Information Champion status annually to those people who have supported the Information Management community above and beyond their normal business

January 11th 2011
The first anniversary of the creation of Grainger Database Solutions arrived in early January 2011. A year full of surprises and relief, but a year that showed the possibilities for the future. Thanks to everyone who made our fist year in business such a success

November 8th - 12th 2010
The premier DB2 event of the European year, IDUG EMEA, was held in Vienna, Austria in early November. As well as being a member of the conference planning committee, Phil also presented Automated Index Optimisation Is It Even Possible? to an enthusiastic audience

November 2nd - 3rd 2010
Hot on the heels of IOD Global, was the annual UK GSE meeting at Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire. As part of the DB2 track, Phil again presented Automated Index Optimisation Is It Even Possible?.

October 24th - 28th 2010
The annual IBM IOD Global conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in late October. Phils single session, entitled Automated Index Optimisation Is It Even Possible? was attended by some 35 people, who left with some new things to ponder about DB2 tuning. Again, following the lead set at IDUG earlier in the year, IBM were conducting interviews of Information Champions - as yet, the IOD interviews have not seen the light of day

June 7th - 9th 2010
June saw us in Tallinn, Estonia for the annual GSE Nordic Region Conference - where Phil presented three sessions in the DB2 track DB2 for z/OS - A performance A-Z, Cloned Tables in DB2. What's the Point? and Native XML Support in DB2 9 for z/OS. The meeting was attended by over 100 people and had the usual mix of technical education and traditional Nordic hospitality

May 10th - 14th 2010
IDUG North America 2010 was held in Tampa, Florida and for someone from the UK it was great to be somewhere sunny for a change!
IDUG had the usual mix of presentations and peer networking that makes the conference such a success. For the first time this year, Phil participated in a “double act” VSP with Scott Hayes of DBI (at least Scott changed out of his Roman toga for before the session). This was great fun and seemed to be not only entertaining for the audience but educational too - which is what it’s all about.
Whilst we were at IDUG, Phil was interviewed by IBM on his thoughts about IDUG - you can see it here

April 20th - 22nd 2010
Phil braved the Icelandic ash cloud to join the 2010 DB2 Symposium for the first time as a speaker (actually he drove, thus neatly avoiding the travel chaos!). Phils session, given to an enthusiastic audience, covered DB2 9 for z/OS “in depth” and was well received

March 5th 2010
IDUG is proud to announce IDUG 2010 Europe, taking place November 8th - 12th  2010 at the Hilton Vienna Hotel in Vienna, Austria. The event will feature the latest in DB2 technologies, networking opportunities and the technical content you need to be efficient in your day-to-day activities.

IDUG 2010 Europe is not only the conference you need to attend, it's also the opportunity to participate in the DB2 community. If you're a DB2 professional who would like to share your experience and knowledge with DB2 peers, we invite you to participate in the IDUG 2010 Europe Call for Presentations. When professionals, like you, share best practices and user experiences with the DB2 user community, IDUG Europe will continue its track record of success.

Volunteering your time and expertise at IDUG Europe provides a number of great benefits. This enables you to share your expertise with others and increases your opportunities to learn from, and collaborate with, other practitioners. Each year, hundreds of DB2 professionals attend IDUG Europe and present, build their network and learn from this professional experience.

Remember - your registration to Europe is FREE when you present at the conference. If your abstract is chosen to be presented in Vienna, your conference registration fee will be waived and your presentation will be included in the conference proceedings, referenced well after the event.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please do so today! The Call for Presentations officially closes 15 April 2010.

Please contact with any questions.

February 20th 2010
Grainger Database Solutions is pleased to report that for the second year running, IBM have recognised Phil Grainger as an Information Champion.IBM honours Information Champions as a way of showing their appreciation for the time and energy exceptional community members expend.

February 19th 2010
The date of the next Scottish DB2 User Group has been changed to April 29th at IBMs offices in in Edinburgh. For more details, contact Kevin Jones of IBM or Stewart Smith at Standard Life

Also, the next UK GSE DB2 meeting scheduled for March 2nd, has been postponed - watch this space for a replacement date later in the year. The meeting scheduled for May 4th is still confirmed

February 9th 2010
It’s Here!!

IBM announces beta of DB2 10 for z/OS - More details at the IBM website

February 8th 2010
IDUG Mentor program - YOUR opportunity to save up to $1,600 on registration at IDUG North America in Tampa
For more details follow THIS LINK to the IDUG website

February 5th 2010
The date for the next Scottish DB2 User Group meeting is pencilled in for Thursday 29th April at IBMs offices in in Edinburgh. For more details, contact Kevin Jones of IBM or Stewart Smith at Standard Life

February 1st 2010
The dates for the 2010 UK DB2 User Group meetings have been finalised. They are:

  • March 2nd 2010 at IBM, Warwick
  • May 4th 2010 at IBM South Bank, London
    with Curt Cotner, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Database Servers at IBM
  • November 2nd/3rd 2010 at Whittlebury Hall, near Towcester (joint with the UK GSE conference)
  • March 24th 2011 at CA, Ditton Park (Slough)

For more details, see the UK GSE DB2 website

January 26th 2010
Details have been announced of the 2010 European DB2 Symposiums to be held in The Netherlands and Germany. Grainger Database Solutions is proud to have been invited to participate in these widely respected events - Phil will be delivering a one day session entitled z/OS Application Development using DB2 9 - which will cover all of the new facilities on DB2 9 for z/OS that will be challenging application developers.
Come and see us in Veldhoven between April 20th and 22nd and in Frankfurt between June 8th and June 10th

January 14th 2010
We were very pleased to receive invitations from the folks organising the GSE Nordic conference for 2010 to be held in Tallinn, Estonia in June. They have chosen:

Cloned Tables in DB2 9 for z/OS – What’s the Point?


DB2 for z/OS – A Performance A-Z

Remember, this is not just a DB2 conference - it spans the whole mainframe. For a summary of last years event in Iceland, click here.
If you are planning to attend this years GSE Nordic conference (and the organisers always manage to put on something special) then we’ll see you there.

January 11th 2010
Cogito and Grainger Database Solutions Ltd - A New DB2 Tools Collaboration
Grainger Database Solutions Ltd (GdbS) is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Cogito Ltd. to provide DB2 consultancy and product design & development services in support of Cogito’s EZ-DB2 family of SQL and Index performance analysis tools. For more information on this exciting development, please see the announcement letter.

December 28th 2009
More news from IDUG North America - an invitation to present a one-day Educational Seminar on The Ins and Outs of DB2 for z/OS Backup and Recovery. If you’ve never attended an IDUG Ed Seminar before, theye are full day classes, normally on a single or small number of related topics. North American IDUG typically holds them on the day prior to IDUG opening (in 2010, this will be Monday May 10th). These seminars allow presenters to spend more time getting into the rel technicalities of their subject. Although planned as part of the IDUG conference, there is an additional fee charged for attending these full day educational classes.

December 22nd 2009
We’ve received invitations to present at IDUG North America in May 2010. They have extended invitations for presentations entitled:

DB2 9 for z/OS: What's New Since GA


An A to Z of DB2 for z/OS Backup and Recovery.

If you are going to Tampa for IDUG in 2010, we hope to see you there.

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