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What People Are Saying ...

He presented a seminar at an IDUG regional event in Kansas City and everyone I talked to was full of praise. If you want “experts” who hide behind “it depends”, go elsewhere. With Phil, you get straight answers!
Suresh Sane, Database Architect, DST Systems Inc

Phil possesses impressive knowledge of DB2, both wide and deep, with a particular focus on real-life usage of DB2 technology in delivering highly available, reliable and well performing systems. He is also capable of articulating concepts of varying complexity in easily understandable way which makes him a very successful and sought-after speaker and presenter.
Namik Hrle, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Phil is an active contributor to the entire DB2 community through conferences, and online forums. His presentations at user groups and conferences are always top notch, well delivered, and full of useful information. He is an outstanding contributor to our world of DB2
Joel Goldstein, President, Responsive Systems

I attend his seminars because I generally learn something, even though I've worked on DB2 for 30 years. His presentations are interesting, as well as informative. Beyond that, Phil is a reliable partner, one that customer rely upon and one that I trust.
Roger Miller, DB2 for z/OS technical evangelist, IBM

I've been working with Phil for IDUG since 2005, but I know him as a DB2 Guru and nice person for more than that. He's very helpful during work, and shares his expertise with DB2 Community.
Cüneyt Göksu, IBM Gold Consultant and IDUG Europe 2010 Conference Chair

To describe Phil in one word: professional. He knows what he talks about because his research is excellent; he simply cannot stand not understanding something. Next to being very analytical he has great communication skills. With his presentations he has helped thousands of people to understand complex technology. Also in meetings Phil is always a valuable team member:
smart, critical, but always with a touch of humor and relaxed.
Klaas Brant, Managing Director, KBCE b.v.

What he always worked for was making IDUG Europe an invaluable education experience for the attendees. With his detail-oriented behaviour, he never lets the discussions go futile. From my point of view, he is one of the best instructors in the db2 world. Working with Phil is a great chance for everyone.
Banu Ekiz, IDUG Europe 2008 - Conference Chairperson

Phil has the ability to communicate complex technical details into a simple melodic song.
Sheryl M. Larsen, President, Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc.

Phil is a highly knowledgeable DB2 expert who is always willing to share his expertise, thoughts and ideas with others. His work is thorough, accurate, and timely. There are few DB2 professionals of Phil's caliber... not to mention his always up-beat attitude!
Craig Mullins, VP, Data Strategy at NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.

I have been working together with Phil in the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) for an extended period of time. Phil has contributed time for the European IDUG Conference Planning Committees (CPCs), the IDUG Board of Directors, and the IDUG Regional Events. Phil is an outstanding presenter, a tireless worker, and an incisive thinker about issues - whether technical or organizational.
Bernie O'Connor, IDUG Volunteer and President 2007 - 2008

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